Webcast: Build and Run Containerized apps on AWS and Kubernetes

It's one thing to get Docker and Kubernetes running on a laptop. Running containers in production at scale on AWS is another.

We've spent a year building products with these technologies and have a few learnings to share. 

Get a first look at Applatix - a system for building and running Containerized apps at scale with AWS, Docker, and Kubernetes. 

Join us for a free live webcast and demo with Ed Lee and Mukulika Kapas of Applatix.  We will discuss and demo:

  • Our learnings running containers on AWS 
  • DEMO: Container-based CI/CD workflows.
  • DEMO: Infrastructure automation - Docker, Kubernetes and AWS
  • DEMO: Monitoring based on containers, workflow, app, or developer usage

Register now for the webcast on April 27, 2017 at 10am PT | 1pm ET

UPDATE 5/1/2017:

Thank you, everyone, who joined us for our live webinar on April 27.

The webcast already happened and you can find the video embedded below or here.

Thank you!

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