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Get the benefits of Containers in Production without the complexity or maintenance.

Automate DevOps and CI/CD

DevOps is key to digital transformation. Implement Devops automation in days with Applatix without months of integration challenges. 

Deploy a complete DevOps system in a day. Automate CI/CD in your cloud, running thousands of workflows and containers in parallel. 


Migrate Apps to the Cloud without rework

Move on-prem applications easily to the public cloud as containerized cloud applications.

Create migration factories with huge efficiencies vs. traditional ‘lift and shift.’

Speed up your move to the cloud by eliminating months of refactoring existing apps. 


Reduce Cloud Costs by 70%

Get the agility and economics of today largest hyperscale providers, improving utilization from 25-40% to approaching 80%.

Leverage auto-scaling and Spot market instances for both development and production.

Track usage with granular cost metrics on any app, cloud service, workflow, or developer.


Reduce risk of cloud lock-in

Applatix supports both AWS and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Write your app once and deploy workloads in the same way on multiple public clouds.

Reduce risk of cloud lock-in. Manage workloads across multiple clouds from a single portal.

Microservices Simplified

Microservices architecture has become a preferred architecture for cloud native apps. But while microservices improve business agility they increase complexity.

Applatix enables you to build and run resilient and scalable microservices with automated continuous delivery workflows and infrastructure automation including auto scaling, and routing.

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Applatix is free for teams under 5 and for any open source team.

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