What is the best definition of DevOps?

Earlier in this series of posts, we talked about how public cloud services (AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure) differ from the private cloud in that the public cloud is API based and AWS instances are different than VMs.

We also argued that DevOps is the key to success in the public cloud and how we think DevOps differs in the public vs. private cloud.

But what is DevOps? This has been a heated topic in the past with a different answer in just about every article or book you might read in your daily newsfeed.

We think it’s helpful to think of types of definitions based on the domain of the audience. For example, here are how three types of people might define DevOps.

  • “DevOps is Continuous Delivery to enable business agility”- a business definition.
  • “DevOps = CI + CD + automated Testing + configuration management + deployment” - a process definition.
  • “DevOps is a culture” - an analyst, pundit or consultant definition.

Of course, DevOps is all of the above!

Our own definition is - DevOps is an end-to-end process of continuous enhancement in the cloud - from check-in to production – where a feature is available to a customer with continuous monitoring and improvement.

We think this is where most DevOps teams will likely end up spending a lot of time building and integrating tools. Building an integrated system that automates the DevOps process and drives continuous improvement.

To illustrate - we think a good analogy for an integrated DevOps system is a CNC machine for machining aluminum.  It’s a complete end-to-end system that you drive with a standard spec that is constantly using feedback to make course corrections and improve quality and efficiency.

But regardless of your definition, DevOps is a must if you want to use the public cloud effectively.

In our next blog entry, we will drill into the role of containers in enabling DevOps and public cloud success.

The webinar on this topic is available for viewing on demand below, or you can subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss a webcast! 

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