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A Complete Cloud Environment in 10 minutes

Applatix dramatically simplifies the use of container technologies on the public cloud for:

  • Container-native workflows
  • Infrastructure automation – Docker, Kubernetes, and Public cloud
  • Monitoring, audit, and governance
  • Central management of multiple public clouds

Container-Native Workflows

Run thousands of concurrent workflows for ultra-fast CI/CD. Use YAML-based workflow templates for consistency and repeatability in DevOps. 

Applatix gives you an easy-to-use app, microservices and out-of-box integration with SCM, container registries, test automation, artifacts, and collaboration tools.

Infrastructure Automation – Kubernetes, Docker and Public Cloud

Applatix abstracts and integrates over 40 tools and technologies including Docker, Kubernetes, and public cloud services from AWS and GCP.  

Applatix automates your complete stack of infrastructure enabling you to leverage auto-scaling and Spot instances to dramatically reduce costs.

Monitoring, Audit and Governance

Track resource utilization on a container basis and relate back to any application, cloud service, workflow or developer.

Build granular cost metrics and create huge savings by automated power down of unused capacity or by deploying workloads on Spot instances.



Centrally Manage Multiple Clouds

Deploy on both AWS and Google Cloud Platform. Centrally manage multiple Kubernetes clusters across clouds.

Simplify the complexity of cloud operations at scale by centrally managing infrastructure, workflows, and apps across clouds.

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Applatix is free for teams under 5 and for all open source teams.

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