Argo is an Open Source Workflow Engine for Kubernetes

Applatix provides open source products for developers using containers and Kubernetes to build and run apps in development and production.


Container-native workflow engine

Argo is an open source container-native workflow engine for Kubernetes.  Argo integrates Kubernetes with cloud services such as AWS.  With Argo you can:

  • Define workflows where each step is a container.
  • Run any CI/CD workflow, Docker-in-Docker, or Kubernetes-in-Kubernetes.
  • Run testing with built-in artifact, secret, and lifecycle management of dev/test resources.
  • Build, test and deploy scalable stateful and stateless cloud-native apps or microservices.


AWS cost analysis that runs in your cloud

Claudia is an open source AWS cost management tool that runs in your AWS account.  Claudia provides deeper visibility without a long setup, including:

  • AWS service level metrics
  • Drill-down by accounts, services, regions, and more
  • Multiple accounts in one report
  • Hourly and monthly cost and usage
  • Tagging to categorize resources

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