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Applatix is DevOps automation for the public cloud

End-to-end DevOps

Applatix is a DevOps automation product that simplifies and speeds up application development and deployment in the public cloud.

Applatix provides DevOps services that automate workflows and infrastructure to maximize the benefits of AWS and Microsoft Azure. Applatix is also an easy-to-use application that abstracts public cloud APIs and technologies.

Applatix shrink-wraps dozens of DevOps tools into a fully integrated product that installs in an hour. Stop wiring together and maintaining tooling – free yourself up to build apps again!

Built for the public cloud

Applatix manages public cloud infrastructure from your DevOps workflows. It enables developer self-service but with governance and audit over consumption.

Applatix gives you “workflows as code” for continuous integration, automated testing, and continuous delivery. Applatix will then drive the workflow with container technology, efficiently and consistently managing development infrastructure and environments.

Eliminate handoffs and delays waiting for server requests, slow builds and tests, and environment debugging. Get rid of DevOps bottlenecks and get to deploying code!

Self-service with guardrails

Applatix enables DevOps to provide developer self-service but with complete visibility and control over public cloud usage.

Get complete governance and audit by cloud service, application, customer, workflow, or an individual developer or team.

Accelerate priority projects to bring in release dates and increase your utilization. Applatix DevOps gives you the simplicity, visibility and control to make your public cloud strategy a success!

Why use Applatix?

“Applatix radically simplifies DevOps so my customers can have their best talent develop and deploy apps rather than build and maintain tools and infrastructure.”

– John Phillips,
Director of Cloud Technology, InterVision

How it Works

Deploy Applatix in your cloud

Applatix installs in your public cloud account as an application with containerized tools and microservices.

Single DevOps management portal

Create standard automation policies and service templates to create consistent, trackable, scalable workflows.

Integrated DevOps visibility and control

Applatix creates a unified configuration to track and manage cloud resources at both a business and a physical resource level.