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Build and Run Containerized Apps in the Public Cloud at Scale with Applatix

It’s one thing to make containers work on a laptop… running in production is another.

In 10 minutes Applatix gives you a complete environment to build and run containerized apps with Docker and Kubernetes in your AWS or Google Cloud Platform account.

Container-Native Workflows

Run thousands of concurrent workloads for ultra-fast CI/CD.

Deploy scalable cloud-native apps or microservices.

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Infrastructure Automation

Migrate apps to the public cloud without refactoring.

Easily deploy apps as container-native in production.

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Monitoring, Audit, and Governance

Increase utilization, slash costs, and put ‘guardrails’ around spending.

Visualize app and microservices for easy troubleshooting.

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What can Applatix do for you?

“DevOps is often considered the “Dark Art” of the SaaS world – the processes are often obscure and there is little transparency. For this reason, automation with fixed approval gates, consistent and deterministic service and delivery output is critical to avoid build, test and deployment failures. This is where Applatix shines.”

Peter Jackson, Shibumi


“Applatix radically simplifies DevOps so my customers can have their best talent develop and deploy apps rather than build and maintain tools and infrastructure.” – John Phillips, Intervision


“Applatix gives the RocksDB open source community fast, reliable builds and the ability to continually run automated tests. We have never seen an erroneous build or test failure with RocksDB-Cloud since we migrated to Applatix. I feel that many other Open Source project builds should migrate to Applatix.”Dhruba Borthakur, Rockset


Why use Applatix?

Modernize Apps

Use Docker and Kubernetes without pain of configuration, maintenance and upgrades.

DevOps and CI/CD

Run thousands of workflows in parallel with containers, in your cloud, without Jenkins.


Build and run resilient and scalable microservices with automated CD workflows.

Control Cloud Spend

Use Spot instances in dev and production to slash costs by 70% (seriously).

Migration Factories

Move on-prem apps to the cloud as container-native apps without refactoring.

Multi-Cloud Support

Deploy on AWS and GCP to reduce risk of cloud lock-in.

Get started with Applatix

Applatix is free for teams under 5 and for any open source team.

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Try the Applatix Playground interactive demo environment.

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